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Foot Reflexology

Reflexology applies pressure massage to certain points of the foot in order to relieve specific symptoms elsewhere in the body. This practice is adopted by many therapeutic professionals and spa treatments in attaining relief for their clients.  Refer to an enlarged Reflexology chart for more detail.

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Foot Reflexology Chart - Heavenly Foot Massage

Clamped in shoes and socks every day, with little or no air contact, it’s no wonder the feet are sometimes considered to be the forgotten territory. And when you’ve spent hours on end pounding streets, you need a good rub to get that circulation going again.

Using techniques similar to Swedish massage, after a detoxifying wash and cleanse, massage oil is applied to the area and the gentle, gliding strokes begin. Combining stroking, pivoting, kneading, finger walking and ankle rotation, the varying amounts of pressure help to stimulate the blood vessels in your feet conjuring up a gentle, soothing heat which immediately benefits your entire system.

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